He did but see a fleeting shadow and glance of her.
A wondrous sight she was, to see.
Lovely as the blooms of the garden around.
A fantasy did flower in his imagination,
Of a delightful, dreamy nymph.
Delicate, fragile, yet lively and joyful.
With the best of all human qualities.
Soft, and yielding, yet of character and charm.
Gentle of temperament, soft in speech.
Considerate, graceful, and witty.

But she had only just passed by in a haze
Not to return for what seemed a millennium.
Great expectations, yet to be fulfilled.
Would she be the same, or
Was it just an illusion?
Will the yielding branch harden with eventual intolerance?
Or stay forever in a state of tranquil flexibility?
Would those sweet lips of gentle surrender
Harden in resolute non-compliance?
Would those beautiful eyes, open in love
Show the strain of distrust, of despair?

Wonder not, whispered the trees of the forest
For with every spring we turn green anew
To again bring the blessed awareness that
Love, forbearance and tranquillity
Will forever blossom anew.

Raja Bhat
July 11, 1992

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