Harsh words, unwittingly said in haste
Spewing out of a troubled soul
Fiery, destructive as volcanic lava
They burn and destroy, leave ashes behind.
They cause regret, dismay and sorrow.
Then come the apologies,
A mammoth task to rebuild from the waste.
So hard to rethink, to rearrange and redo.

If only, if only, they had not been said.

A moment of turmoil, and such are the consequences.
Strain, sadness and solitude.

The ensuing regret wrenches the heart
With considerable despair
Too late, however;
The firearm of words had already exploded
The destruction done.

To heal and repair takes forever.
We are then driven to words of conciliation
If only the tape could be rewound, and erased.

We apologize to our heartfelt utmost, and hope
That all is forgiven.
And pray that the river of wisdom will forever
Extinguish the glowing embers, the remnants of carnage
Of the unmeant, unintended words of fire.


Raja Bhat
July 4, 1992

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