...involves the widest scope of health care.  Patients aged 16 and up are welcome.  The doctor sees patients seeking to maintain optimal health and patients with all manner of acute and chronic physical and mental health issues.  Consequently, a Primary Care Internist must possess a wide breadth of knowledge in many areas and be able to coordinate care with other specialists when needed. 

Dr. Bhat has over 30 years experience treating patients in the Wilmington, NC area with consulting hospital privileges at New Hanover Regional Medical Center and a network of specialists to assist in patient care.  Most important of all, Dr. Bhat has the gift of listening, which is paramount to quality health care.  He allows more than adequate time for each visit.  He maintains an EHR, or Electronic Health Record, which makes it easy to maintain accurate records, access patient records from home or or even when out of town.  For example, for urgent situations, he can be consulted while he is at home, from where he can access his office computer, and send an electronic prescription to your preferred pharmacy.  Patients will be able to access their records using an online Patient Portal.  He accepts most insurance including Blue Cross and Medicare, but not United Health Care or Medicaid.